The Trip There


I just arrived in Berlin Germany with major jet lag, so I am up at 532am playing with themes for my new blog. I had my old blog ( but I really wanted something that someone who did not watch porn at all to be into. First, my name is Kimberly. I am from California. How did I end up in Berlin? I had this crazy relationship end and I started dating. A man that was trying to impress me decided to take me to Berlin with him to this huge porn convention (the Venus show.) I decided to go and that is where I met the man of my dreams. After a year of back and forth to Europe and him coming to Los Angeles, we decided it would be best if I moved. I was the one who had not started her career and really did not have much to lose. So, I packed my bags and got on a plane to Berlin.

Fast forward to my plane ride there. I saved for months for this business class ticket to Berlin. I was on the tail end of a waning career in adult entertainment. My heart was just not in it. I could not imagine having sex with strangers anymore. Anyways, I took US Airways. I had taken Lufthansa business class before, but US Airways had the more affordable ticket at $2100 USD. They had this new envoy class that had the reclining beds. That is what I wanted. Even though the flight was broken up into 3 blocks, at 12 hours, it is still quite a trip. The first leg was from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to PHL (Philadelphia International Airport). I had taken that ride before in first class. This was nothing to really write about. Domestic travel in the United States sucks! It was the next leg of my trip that I was excited about. Needless to say, the envoy class was like a ghetto version of Lufthansa. I think the plane was old. One of those 767 Boeing jets. I prefer airbus no offense to the American company, but they need to get some new planes leased out. Maybe it’s the airlines ( I am thinking too much about this.) Envoy class had the typical four course meal which was ok, and the beds were a little too close together. The person next to me just should not be that close. She was up and moving the whole time. I finally got some rest after turning off that awful Planet of the Apes movie ( I just don’t understand why they didn’t kill them all?) Woke up to breakfast and landing in Brussels. That was the end of my US Airways adventure. I am glad I do not have to take that airline for a while. I have done over 60k miles with them in the last year. From Brussels to Berlin was a nice surprise. I had a nice breakfast, but I really would of liked to take a shower at that point.

I arrived in Berlin a little early and thankfully having my priority tags on my luggage my four bags arrived on time and first! I know they were looking like who is this black girl with all these bags sitting in first class too LOL. Not going to lie there is a twinge of racism.. however, I think no more than the USA. My boyfriend was there looking amazing and had a bottle of Moet. His dad was filming us and his mom was taking pictures and crying. I love those folks.. could not of met a nicer family. I just wanted to drink and shower. I knew I was NOT fresh and all they wanted to do was hug.

The trip was nice. This is the last time I will be that kind of money. I have some credit card weighing heavily on me and I need to get to paying that off. Hope you enjoy my new blog and me toggling with the design.


Kimmy B

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